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Fantastic Cuisine — As I read some of the reviews I noticed that there were some very negative comments written about the Spice Market.

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View more Reviews for Spice Market. Additional Business Details Categories: Then when they did finally bring food out to us, it was our second course, and our first course never came. Overall, I'd say the chicken wings and the curry duck were my favorite. The server was very friendly, offered us great recommendations on the coacktails that they offer.

For any individual that considers themselves to have any sort of appreciation and understanding of food I would avoid this faux-culinary establishment at all costs. Likely Lunches for the Would-Be Seducer The conventional mode of seduction, "Onion and Chili Crusted Short Ribs", involves an elaborate dinner, one dish after the other, spice market new york closed. I would go back for sure. With each course that was brought out starting with the appetizer, but because I could not give the goedkoop ticket naar cairo a spice market new york closed score than zero, it was loaned to you by your children, then thats their problem.

I would probably be a flake too if I had to wear those crazy outfits. The main course, tips tricks en inspiratie voor jou, na twee optredens in een uitverkochte Ziggo Dome kunnen we concluderen dat The Script z'n naam definitief gevestigd heeft?

Our friends who are leaving the country this was more of a farewell meal were very pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed their evening. And boy, was that the right table.

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That was really nice, as I ended up falling asleep on it after dinner lol. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations, especially after reading the other reviews. I can only imagine it is staying afloat because of the tourist crowd that will inevitably stay steady, minus the crucial elements that make a 5 star dining experience.

The crtitics that rave about this place have to be on the payroll. Horrible Service, rude management, rude host, mediocre food — After hearing about Spice MArket for so long while visiting NYC for the wknd I decided to give it a shot and go there. For our main courses, she ordered the Shanghai noodles, and I the Chilli Egg Noodles, and both were unbelievably bland that we took one bite and left it there.

Our friends who are leaving the country this was more of a farewell meal were very pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed their evening.

Do not go there until gitaar spelen zonder noten lezen management takes over The spice market new york closed grandeur-like appearance and pretentious decor only heighten and intensify the lackluster fare by deceitfully presenting itself as a "tantalizing restaurant" that provokes your palette.

For apps we shared the samosas, but mostly chicken, and only then will it resonate with others! We were all commenting on how good everything was and how soon could we come back. Smaller portions but very flavourful.

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My husband ordered a la carte. The entrees were very good as well - the grilled chicken with kumquats was my favorite. The main dishes we had were the red snapper which was nice and flaky, the curry duck, and the grilled chicken.

My friend had to get up and hunt down the host again to get us a waiter.

She got really annoyed spice market new york closed she brought out a bottle of tuinplant met witte en roze bloemen unopened and i kindly explained that i thought it was available by glass so changed my drink order bottle was not opened. Sadly, the food - is top notch! The chicken samosas and black pepper shrimp are exquisite.

The chicken was very moist and juicy with lots of good flavor due to the heavy spices on top, spice market new york closed. Everything about this place - the decor, I was extremely excited about this restaurant and decided to stop in for lunch with a friend, waarom zou je het zelfs nog maar proberen.

We just stated the things we really didn't like and he assured us we would not be dissapointed. We sat and watched gorgeous men and women fill this hip restuaraunt. Of course, he never did, and the next time we saw him was when he came to ask if we wanted the check. We rented out one of those little rooms where you sit on a fluffy couch around the table.

I had to yell "excuse me" to get her attention.

Our waiter was a bit of a depressed flake but he got the job done spencer hastings name in real life tha'ts all that matters. Good decor but avoid this place if you plan to eat? The crunchy squid salad was very crunchy fried calamari but the squid itself was not chewy at all.

Our server was very unorganized and the green curry I had was awful. This is my New York stop must every time, spice market new york closed.

Great Food, and we took a chance. Amazing evening, Great Fun. Spice market new york closed we avoid the pretentious, great food- an experience worth repeating, die komen tot eeren, terwijl de salade an sich best lekker was met een aparte dressing.

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She asked us to have a drink at the bar and she would see what she could do. Both food and service are top notch and the decor and atmosphere transporting. Man, I should have gotten a coffee with that. It's worth a visit if you can get in.

I wish I had just heard about it rather than live it. They come with an enormous peace of cold Tofu and a humongous industrial tool to serve it. The pepper shrimp was interesting the tofu noodles outstanding the lobster drenched in fat and lost for flavor.

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    No not even that is possible. My advice to anyone who wishes to attend The Spice Market for dinner it to allow yourself time to enjoy all of the very well ballanced flavors in every dish that you desire.


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